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A legendary brand, a brand legend

On 26th October, 1952, four old brewery company (Gongli,Fushuncheng,Yixin and Kuisheng) was merged into a state company,Beijing Shunxin Agriculture Co.,Ltd Niulanshan Distillery.It is headquartered in Niulanshan Town of Shunyi District,Beijing,where is near to Chaobai River.
There are more than 2000 employees in this company. The main products are Nliulanshan Brand Erguotou with light aroma, there are over 500 types of the products. The company has been taking advantage of the traditional brewing processes and sticking to the quality principle “quality is the market,the benefit,the life of the company” so as to ensure the best products’quality of the company.
The brewing history can be traced back to the Zhou Dynasty about 3000 years ago. For example, some kinds of bronze drinking wares had been uncovered in this region, Niulanshan Town, in 1982, they might be used by the ancient Yanguo (one of ancient states in China)nobles.the booming period of brewing here started in Emperor kangxi period of Qing Dynasty. The book 《Shunyi History》said that “ the employees for brewing in Shunyi County are over 100 and the taste of the product SHAOJIU is sweet and fresh , it is the native product of Peking and sold to Peking City and neighboring district, the taste is best especially produced in Niulanshan”.the SHAOJIU here means the product Niulanshan Erguotou.
Now, Niulanshan traditional Brewing technology has been became state-level intangible cultural heritage. And the company’s standard in producing is the standard of Chinese light aroma liquor and welcomed by many people. The Niulanshan liquor culture and its sole characteristics have been shaped through over 1000 years’ drinking history and 300 years’ brewing history. Today it is the largest self-brewing liquor company in Beijing;the No.1 liquor company that earliestly has “China’s  Time-honored Brand” and the only one that has the honor of Chinese Brewing Master; the only one that uses the mark “China Solid Fermentation with Grain”; the only one using the space source experiment the fen flavor liquor;the sole company of original place mark approved by CIQ in Beijing;  And the sole “China Model Enterprise for industry Tourism” in Beijing; The only company with internationally recognized laboratories; And the sole liquor company that makes the “Erguotou” liquor listed in National Standard.
As one of the Time-honored company, Niulanshan Distillery is targeting  the first-class Erguotou brand,and trying to open a new page for the further development of the company.

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